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Hi, I’m Michele. I live on the road full-time and document my adventures daily. This is my personal blog where I share my thoughts on living simply and intentionally with less stress and more joy. Want to follow along? Sign up below to receive new posts straight to your inbox.

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If I could travel back in time


{Photo of the day: My yoga and meditation game has been strong this week} Mackenzie, our 21 year old niece, is currently wading thru one of life’s existential crises.  The “what do I want to do with my life” dilemma that I remember all too well.  I think I might remember it so well because, for me, that question has never really gone away.  Mark & I so badly wish we had answers for her, or a...

We’ve got everything we need right here and everything we need is enough


{Photo of the day: Filling our water jugs while out on a scenic drive and scouting mission.} A few weeks ago I was on my way home from the laundromat when I realized how little I drive these days.  I’m pretty certain we’re driving fewer miles now than when we lived in a house.  That seemed a little odd to me at first until I thought about it.  One of the most important things in...

How not to have fun RVing


{Photo of the day: The first light to hit the buttes as seen from bed.} We managed to get a pretty sweet campsite here at Valley of the Gods.  We had an okay spot for the first two days we were here but when the guy left the site we’re at now, we jumped on it and moved the mile or so down the road to snag it.  We’re perched up on a hill, at the base of Rooster Butte, with panoramic...

It’s time for a digital detox


{Photo of the day: Watching the sunrise from my morning walk.} Last week I was mindlessly surfing Instagram when I read a post from a girl who said she was “going offline for the month of April to work on some projects”.  I immediately felt jealous.  All things internet & phone-related have felt all-consuming lately.  It’s gotten to the point that it is starting to feel compulsive.  I don’t...

Hello Spring


{Photo of the day: Us, just taking it all in.}

It’s 8:12pm.  The sky is a deep shade of indigo.  The last of the day’s light still sits on the horizon.  Both our back and front doors are open, the slightest breeze flowing thru our little home.  I’m still in a t-shirt.  All this to say, Spring is here.  And I love witnessing all the subtle changes of this season as it leads us in to Summer.

What a dream


{Photo of the day: Our current address.} Eastern Utah.  It’s a desert utopia for Coloradans that are sick of the snow.  When we got our truck camper 9 years ago, it became a given that March and April were the time to leave the mountains for a Utah getaway.  Moab, Comb Ridge, Valley of the Gods, Lake Powell, Capitol Reef, the destinations for campers are endless.  Each a vast...

The things we’re capable of


{Photo of the day: Rock climbers on top of Rooster Butte.} I was reading a book when I heard voices, faint and small in the distance.  I looked up at the giant sandstone monolith who’s shadow I was sitting in and saw two tiny little humans beginning to scale the rock face.  Not 30 minutes prior had the same couple walked past our camp with large backpacks in tow.  An hour later...

How we plan our travel days


{Photo of the day: Arriving at Valley of the Gods.} It’s been about 10 months now since we sold our house and began living and traveling full-time in our RV.  As many of you may already know, this isn’t our first time, it’s actually our 3rd.  All the previous experience has culminated in a wealth of knowledge that is making our travels more enjoyable than they’ve ever been. ...

One night in the forest


{Photo of the day: Sunset and stunning views on our walk around camp.} I love the way elevation so quickly changes the world around you.  Living at 7500’ for 15 years caused us to become quite aware of this fact.  Did you know, the temperature typically drops 4 degrees with every 1000’ rise in elevation?  We carried winter gear with us in our vehicles all year round.  Being surrounded by 11,000’...

Six weeks in the Verde Valley: A recap


A few years ago, I never could have imagined us camping in the same area for six weeks.  Our house has wheels so that we can move.  Why would we stay put for a month and a half?  I think it has to do with a lack of urgency.  When we owned a house and went on trips in our truck camper, there was always an end date.  Whether the trip was a week long or a month long, there...


Hi, I'm Michele, a nomadic wedding photographer and lover of the great outdoors. I live on the road full-time and document my adventures daily. This is my personal blog where I share and record my thoughts on living simply and intentionally with less stress and more joy. Check out my wedding and portrait photography at


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