13 reasons why I can’t wait to live in a house again

We’ve been living in our little RV for nearly a year and it’s literally been a dream come true.  For years I ached to break free of the confines of our house and to be free to roam.  When we drove away from that house last September it felt as good as I’d expected.  And living on the road turned out to be everything I hoped it would be and more.  I had reached a point in my life where I felt lost and for some reason, I felt like the freedom of the road would have answers.  Not only did I find the answers I sought but life in 100 sq ft helped me to put so many things in perspective.  As we prepare to return to a solid foundation in 6 short weeks, the excitement for the return of all of life’s wonderful little luxuries is starting to build!  Here are the top 13 reasons why I can’t way to move back in to a house…

1.  A REAL KITCHEN.  More than anything else, I miss cooking.  A traditional kitchen sink is larger than our RV’s sink and stove combined.  We don’t have an oven, garbage disposal, microwave or dishwasher. Our counter top is the size of a large cutting board.  To be able to cook a real meal, have enough room to make a huge mess and have enough water to clean it all up, sounds more like a privilege now than an obligation.

2.  A REGULAR SIZE SHOWER.  Our shower is SMALL.  We can barely stand up straight without touching our heads on the ceiling.  Showering, therefore, is a bit tricky, especially with very limited water.  It does the job, but showering in a real shower sounds absolutely luxurious.

3.  UNLIMITED WATER.  When running out of water is a daily concern alongside sometimes not knowing where you’ll be able to fill back up, you have a newfound appreciation for unlimited household water.

4.  HOT WATER.  Our hot water heater is tiny.  One short shower is all we get before having to wait for it to recycle.  Mark and I can’t take our showers one right after the other, nor can we do dishes and then shower.  All this making getting ready for work a much longer task than it is in a house.

5.  A COUCH.  Holy moly, I miss couches!  We have a comfy dinette in our trailer but it just doesn’t compare to a couch.

6.  A YARD.  Living on the road with a dog isn’t easy.  Without a yard, there’s no such thing as just letting her outside to take care of business.  Instead, we take her on 3 or more walks a day.  I’ve loved starting every single day with a nice, long walk but as the day goes on, I long for the ability to just let her outside without having to be an escort.

7.  A BIGGER REFRIGERATOR.  We have a small camp refrigerator that works awesome.  It holds a ton of food.  But it’s top loading and when it’s full, it takes unloading most of what’s inside to get to what you want.  For some reason, this silly task drives me nuts sometimes.

8.  A REGULAR BED.  Since we sleep in our truck camper our sleeping quarters are cramped.  It may be a nice, big queen size bed but with walls on three sides and the ceiling only a couple of feet above our heads, there’s not much room to maneuver. As much as Mark loves that I have to crawl over the top of him to get out of bed every morning, I’m going to be pretty happy to have a real bed again : )

9.  TO NOT HAVE TO PACK UP MY ENTIRE BEDROOM IN ORDER TO DRIVE SOMEWHERE.  Our living situation is like this… We sleep in our truck camper and use our travel trailer as our kitchen and living space.  It’s a nice separation of space that has worked really well for us.  But you can’t drive anywhere until the bedroom is all packed up.

10.  NO MORE LAUNDROMATS.  I never once minded going to a laundromat (though you will come across some interesting folks in such places).  However, we would always wait a week or two until we’d exhausted our wardrobe to make the trip to the laundromat worth it.  The idea of just throwing a quick load in to the wash because I need clean socks (or whatever) sounds insanely convenient.

11.  TO HAVE AN ADDRESS.  This, by far, has been the most complicated aspect of living on the road as there is no easy solution.  Our friends were gracious enough to let us use their address but coordinating when and where to send us our mail hasn’t been easy.  Receiving packages was almost impossible.

12.  NOT HAVING TO DUMP OUR SEWAGE WEEKLY.  I don’t care how fancy or expensive of an RV you have, if you live in an RV you’re going to have to deal with your poop on the regular.

13.  CLOTHES.  I’m kind of shocked I’ve managed to fit four seasons worth of clothing inside one Rubbermaid bin for the last year.  The 20 year old me that thought she was going to be a fashion designer would be appalled, but I made it work. At this point I’m not even sure what’s inside the boxes I’ve packed away but I’m pretty excited to have a little more clothing variety in my life again.

As much of a hassle as all these things may sound like, they were all worth it to be able to hitch up and drive our house down the road.  To take it anywhere we wanted to go and live wherever we wanted for as long as we wanted.  Mark & I rarely complained about these things as we knew it was what we signed up for. They were simply the trade-off for not having a mortgage or any responsibilities of homeownership for the last year.

Everything in life has it’s pros and cons.  The key is to focus on the pros.  To be grateful for what we have rather than dwell on what we don’t.  The opportunity to live unconventionally for the last year while rediscovering what’s most important to me is something I’ll forever be thankful for.  And 6 weeks from now, when I finally cook that delicious meal, take a long, hot shower and climb in to my king size bed, you better believe I’m going to be the happiest girl this side of the Rocky Mountains.

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