Living more life with less money

{Photo of the day: Almost forgot to take a photo today as we were busy getting settled on our property.}

I was in search of some interior photos of our trailer the other night and in my search skimmed through photos of all our travels from last June through December. I sat there shaking my head in awe of all the people we’ve seen and places we’ve been in such a short period of time. (I didn’t even look at everywhere we’ve been since January.)

We travel slowly and therefore the changes in our environment are subtle. It wasn’t until I skimmed through 6 months of photos that I could really feel how rich and plentiful our travels have been. The real head-shaker is that not only are we traveling full-time, we’re doing it with the least amount of monthly expenses that we’ve ever had. In other words, I feel like we’ve discovered a kind of freedom that I didn’t know was possible. This may be as close as I come to knowing what it feels like to win the lottery.

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By Michele


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