A sunrise hike to start the week off right

Photo of the day: The effort to get to Shaman’s Cave in time to watch the sunrise was totally worth it.

We woke at 4:20am.  We were on the trail before 6:00 and arrived at our destination 20 minutes before the sun rose.  Our timing worked out perfectly.

I had casually said to Claire & Brandon a few days prior “we should do a sunrise hike to the cave”.  I was merely filing the air with words, I hadn’t really thought that hard about it.  Mark actually laughed out loud, this is how much of a morning person I am not.  But I love a good hike, I love golden hour and I don’t want to believe that I’m incapable of getting out of bed while the Milky Way is still blanketing the night sky.  

Claire & Brandon were all over the idea.  Their enthusiasm is exactly what I needed to hold me accountable.  

The only time I thought twice about my idea was when we stepped out of the truck and were greeted by a cold and forceful wind.  For some reason Spring has stalled its appearance here in the desert.  All I could think was, hopefully the cave will block the wind, otherwise this isn’t going to be remotely fun.

It did.  And we enjoyed every bit of the two hours we spent tucked inside Shaman’s Cave greeting the first light of Monday morning.  We brought hot oatmeal, Claire & Brandon brought fruit and nuts to accompany.  Between that and our hot tea, we were perfectly cozy.  Each of us finding a comfy slab of rock to lay against while we watched the sun rise from behind Sedona’s red rock cliffs.

All in all it was a perfect way to start the week.  Getting my workout in before the break of dawn is not in my nature, however, I can’t wait until the inspiration strikes to do it again.  

A few scenes from our morning…

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By Michele


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