Almost 4(0)

It delighted me today to watch my youngest niece be the innocent, fearless child that she is.  I watched as she ran back and forth across my dad’s equipment yard, jumping in puddles and grunting rhythmically for no apparent reason.  That’s the thing about being 4 years old, reason is not what motivates her, instincts and curiosity are.  There weren’t any calculations being made in her mind, she was simply doing what felt good to her in the moment. 

Witnessing this little human be completely free, free of stress, free of fear, made me smile.  At almost 40, life for me feels so complex, as painful as it is pleasurable.  But for her, just one day shy of her 4th birthday, life is full of simple delights.  Thoughts of the past and future are not clouding her present, therefore her every experience is vibrant and pure.  

Living fulling and completely in the present moment may no longer come naturally to us adults, but it’s still possible.  We just have to consciously choose to do so by embracing what our life is and letting go of disappointments and expectations.  Which is easier said than done, I know.

A small part of me wishes I could be 4 again, but I have no qualms with the milestone that’s approaching.  No 4 year old has any concept of how great life is at 4, life simply is what it is.  The beauty of being 40 is realizing there’s no time to waste on wishing I was 4 because in the blink of an eye I’ll be 60 wishing I was 40 again.  Tending-to and appreciating Right Now is what matters most.  It is the one and only way to experience peace, contentedness, joy and delight, whether you’re 4, 40 or 84. That may be one of the greatest truths I’ve come to understand in all the years I’ve lived thus far.

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By Michele


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