An acknowledgment, a recap and a tribute

As I was about to begin telling you about the most delightful week that we just had camping with our friends in the desert, the contrast of my week compared to all the pain and heartache being felt around the world right now hit me upside the head, as it often does lately.

Our current lifestyle, living and traveling in an RV, has been treating us so well that it almost feels as though we’ve somehow escaped the shockwaves of the pandemic, which is hardly the case. Our current lifestyle is a direct result of the pandemic. It is how we chose to react to all the uncertainty that was born from it starting this Spring. It is the most effective way for us to minimize our expenses while maximizing our freedom. Not to mention, it’s also the most effective way to self-isolate while maintaining good mental health.

Being the introverts that Mark & I both are, this lifestyle suits us well but it feels quite wrong to be so content while the world around us has turned upside down. I constantly have to remind myself that we’re doing the most responsible thing we can. Not only for us but for the safety of others too.

I’m excited to share some photos and what we’ve been up to these past two weeks. Maybe this post is a welcome distraction, or maybe you too are healthy and happy and not sure how to digest all the feelings that the pandemic has brought up. Whatever the case may be, I just want to express how privileged I feel to live the way I do and acknowledge the pain and the struggle that I know so many are going through right now. I enjoy sharing my travels here but also hope they’re never received as insensitive.

Wherever you are, I hope you are safe, healthy and well-nourished.

A recap of our time in Nevada…

We spent the last two weeks camped on the shoreline of Lake Mead. Temps were in the 60s and sunshine was abundant. I couldn’t ask for much more.

The first week was good…the second week was phenomenal.

Our friends Claire & Brandon, who also live and travel in their RV, joined us for the week. We’ve known each other a little less than two years and yet they practically feel like family. The more we’re together, the more we enjoy each other’s company. All four of us have a great appreciation for good music, excellent food and the peace & serenity of living in nature. The meals that are spontaneously made through marrying the ingredients in our two kitchens never ceases to amaze me. Our friendship feels so effortless and yet so fulfilling. I am so grateful to have such beautiful people in my life. I’m even more grateful that they too are self-isolating and that joining our two households for a week doesn’t feel reckless.

One last thing…

It wouldn’t feel right to publish this post without paying tribute to Mark’s grandfather, Harold Long. A little over a week ago COVID came as close as I hope it gets to our family when it took his life. He was 92 years old, made the best waffles I’ve ever had and was a blast to play cards with.

He will be missed dearly.


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