Another rainy day

Photo of the day: Our ever-changing (RV-sized) book collection.

What a gloomy week it’s been. It’s probably the longest we’ve had the back door closed this year…a whole 3 days of imperfect weather.

When we decided on the size and type of RV we wanted for our third round of full-time RV living, we decided to prioritize comfort. We loved our Casita, but when we both got sick, it felt like our tiny space shrunk considerably and we were barely able to coexist. We adore our Four Wheel Camper but when the weather forces us inside, we quickly feel confined.

We knew we needed a bigger rig but that comes at the risk of losing mobility. We feel like there’s a perfect balance between a rig big enough to be comfortable and small enough to access the best camp sites. This time around we’ve finally found our sweet spot.

Although I’d prefer to spend hours of everyday outside, we’ve been perfectly comfortable tucked inside our trailer for the last few days. There’s no perfect RV setup, we’re quite sure of that at this point. For now, I think we’ve come as close to perfect as we can get.

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By Michele


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