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It feels like magic


{Photo of the day: The ability to receive mail and packages feels luxurious.} Are we so excited about the fact that we can receive deliveries at our property that I’m going to write about it two days in a row? Yes, yes we are. Yesterday we gave Rick the authorization he needed to leave packages in the box we set out at the start of our driveway. Today, at sunset, we walked out to the road...

Thanks Rick!


{Photo of the day: UPS managed to find us} Rick, a U-Haul driving UPS driver, made our full-time RV dreams come true today.  We’re tucked in 1/4 mile from the road on our property that has no address identified at the street and yet he managed to find us.  Mark placed an order online the other day as an experiment, we had no idea what would happen.  We placed a large container at the start of the...

Where your focus goes, energy flows


{Photo of the day: signs of spring around our property} The title of this post is a lyric I heard today. It’s a perfectly succinct combination of words that made me think YESSS, that is SO true. This week I’m diving in to some work projects that I’ve put off for far too long. Monday I was grumpy about it, which is usually what happens when I transition out of the slow season and...

We attract what we are


{Photo of the day: Us and our friends Nathan & Ashley} In the last year I’ve learned a really beautiful fact of life. When you live a life that is unequivocally true to who you are, no matter how unconventional, you attract like-minded souls. We are outliers. We live in a way that most people don’t. The IRS, banks, insurance companies…they don’t know what to do with...

You, little guy, are not welcome here


{Photo of the day: Moody sky seen from inside our cozy home.} I woke up this morning, picked up my fleece from off the chair and exposed a rather unwelcome visitor. A scorpion. I spent the next hour inspecting my clothing and shoes and tearing apart the bed, an all too vivid flashback to my childhood. Desert insects give me the heebie jeebies. I would much rather be in bear and mountain lion...

Sunday Hike


{Photo of the day: A Sunday hike with friends around our property.}

The fact that our property backs to BLM land was a huge selling point for us. As if owning 35 acres isn’t outrageous enough, the adjacent public land makes it feel as though we own hundreds more. I have a hard time imagining us living in a traditional neighborhood ever again.

We have 35 acres to share…if you’re willing to rough it


{Photo of the day: Our friend’s Class A motorhome tucked nicely in to a spot on our property.} We’ve been back on our property for three days and our first guests have already arrived. This is what happens when you own property in a more temperate area of Colorado, your friends at higher elevations jump on the chance to get out of the snow. Because, as Mark & I know all too well...

What a fascinating time in history


{Photo of the day: I got my first shot of the Moderna vaccine.} While history is being made every day, it’s not every day that I participate in or witness a historical moment. Today though, felt like one of those days. Walking in to the Grand Junction Convention Center, the COVID-19 vaccination site for Mesa County, was fascinating. To witness something so significant taking place in such a...

It must be something in the air


{Photo of the day: Those morning clouds engulfed us and it snowed most of the day. An all-too-fitting welcome back to Colorado.} We’ve always been drawn to Colorado’s Western Slope, which is why we ended up buying property here last year, but we’ve never spent any extended time in the area. Today, when I stepped outside, I was delighted to feel that feeling that I’ve only...

Living more life with less money


{Photo of the day: Almost forgot to take a photo today as we were busy getting settled on our property.} I was in search of some interior photos of our trailer the other night and in my search skimmed through photos of all our travels from last June through December. I sat there shaking my head in awe of all the people we’ve seen and places we’ve been in such a short period of time...


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