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The simple act of noticing


Photo of the day: The last drops to remain after today’s storm. It’s been nearly 15 months since I began the practice of photographing my life daily. When 2020’s 365 project came to an end, I couldn’t imagine stopping. And so, without really thinking too hard about it, I woke up January 1st and kept going. It’s been challenging and rewarding, some days are hard and...

Another rainy day


Photo of the day: Our ever-changing (RV-sized) book collection. What a gloomy week it’s been. It’s probably the longest we’ve had the back door closed this year…a whole 3 days of imperfect weather. When we decided on the size and type of RV we wanted for our third round of full-time RV living, we decided to prioritize comfort. We loved our Casita, but when we both got...

Thoughts on getting vaccinated


Photo of the day: Hot tea on another chilly day in the desert. When the vaccine first came out I was relieved it wasn’t an option to get it right away. I needed time to think, to digest, to wrap my head around the decision. I know to some people I may sound insane or selfish or irresponsible and that to them, getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is a no-brainer. Flip that coin and...

Arizona must have missed the memo that it’s spring


Photo of the day: On our way to Costco via Mingus Mountain. I feel like I’m experiencing an entirely new side of Arizona this year. This is the third time it has snowed during our last 5 weeks in the Verde Valley. And to our complete surprise. The beauty of it is hard to deny, but the 80 degree temps forecasted to arrive next week can’t come soon enough. It is the end of March after...

A sunrise hike to start the week off right


Photo of the day: The effort to get to Shaman’s Cave in time to watch the sunrise was totally worth it. We woke at 4:20am.  We were on the trail before 6:00 and arrived at our destination 20 minutes before the sun rose.  Our timing worked out perfectly. I had casually said to Claire & Brandon a few days prior “we should do a sunrise hike to the cave”.  I was merely filing the...

Seeing myself from a different angle


Photo of the day: A desert vignette. I am highly sensitive to many things. Food, pollution, drama, pain, stress. I’ve only ever grown increasingly frustrated with myself for this fact. Isn’t sensitivity a weakness? Shouldn’t we shield that weakness from the light of day? That’s what I’ve always believed anyway. Describing myself as sensitive doesn’t feel good...

9 ways I’ve reduced stress in my life


Photo of the day: Working on my meditation routine. I used to think that stress was just a necessary part of being a successful business owner until Mark one day pointed out that being stressed-out doesn’t accomplish a damn thing.  It does nothing but make life more difficult.  It takes up space in our already busy lives.  Stop and think about this for a second.  When has...

Time to get back in shape


Photo of the day: Sunset reflections I’ve been too sedentary lately. I have no excuses other than the weather has been less than ideal. For having experienced my fair share of adverse weather while living in the Colorado Rockies, it’s embarrassing to admit how little it takes for me to hole up inside our RV. Wind? No thanks. Rain? Blah. Wind AND rain, nope. Below 60? Burr. Ugh, I hate...

Hello sun


Photo of the day: Diving in to a new book “Like Streams to the Ocean” by Jedidiah Jenkins It’s been a minute since we’ve had a pleasant day worthy of being spent outside. Today I was able to bathe in the warmth of the sun while I got started on a new book. I’d not quite realized just how rejuvenating it would feel after several days spent inside our RV. Living in a...

Keeping it all in perspective


Photo of the day: Big sky, tiny moon. I just started reading Jedidiah Jenkins new book Like Streams to the Ocean. I’ve loved Jedidiah’s positive and insightful lens on life ever since I came across National Geographic’s You Tube video about his journey from Oregon to South America titled “Life Lessons from a 7,000 mile bike ride”. His memoir, To Shake The Sleeping...


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