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How not to have fun RVing


{Photo of the day: The first light to hit the buttes as seen from bed.} We managed to get a pretty sweet campsite here at Valley of the Gods.  We had an okay spot for the first two days we were here but when the guy left the site we’re at now, we jumped on it and moved the mile or so down the road to snag it.  We’re perched up on a hill, at the base of Rooster Butte, with panoramic...

How we plan our travel days


{Photo of the day: Arriving at Valley of the Gods.} It’s been about 10 months now since we sold our house and began living and traveling full-time in our RV.  As many of you may already know, this isn’t our first time, it’s actually our 3rd.  All the previous experience has culminated in a wealth of knowledge that is making our travels more enjoyable than they’ve ever been. ...

All the weird & random things that happened in Ajo


I actually kept a list. By the time the third weird/random thing happened I decided it was time to keep tabs. It started with the night we genuinely thought the world might be ending. I’d stepped outside for a moment when a wildly bright light in the sky quickly caught my eye. Bright enough it was casting shadows. Yet it seemed to be quite a ways away. We spotted a smoke trail behind it and...

This is winter in the desert


In January we spent two glorious weeks at Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. It would have been great all on its own but the fact that Claire & Brandon came to share a week with us made it that much better. Our lifestyles so easily and seamlessly blend when we’re all together. And the ways in which we bring ingredients together to make decadent meals without ANY pre-planning…well, it...



Our winter travels through Arizona always include a stop in my hometown of Lake Havasu City. Thanks to COVID, this year was a little different. In an effort to keep everyone healthy we decided to not go inside anyone’s homes. Luckily the weather was gorgeous for nearly the entirety of our four week stay so we spent most of our time outdoors enjoying the sunshine and safely socializing with...

An acknowledgment, a recap and a tribute


As I was about to begin telling you about the most delightful week that we just had camping with our friends in the desert, the contrast of my week compared to all the pain and heartache being felt around the world right now hit me upside the head, as it often does lately. Our current lifestyle, living and traveling in an RV, has been treating us so well that it almost feels as though we’ve...

Our new travel style: Living life two weeks at a time


Yesterday we concluded our 14 day stay outside of Hurricane, Utah.  We moved 2 hours south to Lake Mead, Nevada where we plan to once again take advantage of the maximum allowed stay of 14 days.   This is our third time living on the road full-time since 2013.  Each time with a different truck/trailer combo and each time with a different style of travel.  And if there’s...

Colorado to Utah, with a few hiccups in between


It’s been a busy week.  I’m happy to say that we’re currently residing at a gorgeous site in Southern Utah and the weather could not be better.  But first, a recap of the last week. On Friday the perfect weather that we’d been reveling in at our property was coming to an end.  With snow in the forecast and lows dipping in to the teens, we knew it was time to begin migrating south...

8 essentials I carry for comfort & safety in the wilderness


About 10 minutes in to an evening walk today, Mark decided to turn back since he wasn’t feeling great.  As I continued down the road without him I realized I had nothing with me that I usually carry when venturing out alone.  Mark knew exactly what route I was taking and it was only a couple of miles so I decided to not worry about it.  However, it got me thinking about the handful...

Treating ourselves to 24 hours of unlimited water


{Our tiny home, all cleaned up and organized} For the first time ever we nearly maxed out the 14 day stay limit at our spot in Buena Vista.  It was that good.  As moving day crept closer we began to hatch a plan for where we would head next.  With no public dump station to be found, we learned that we would need to pay $20 to use a dump station at one of the area’s RV Parks before...


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