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It’s all outside


Peace. Joy. Contentment. Beauty. Wonder. Awe. Adventure. Inspiration. Experience. It’s all outside. Quiet your mind and awaken your senses. Sit. Swim. Run. Hike. In forests and oceans, across deserts and up mountains. Feel the rain. The breeze. The sand. The sun. Watch the sun set. The moon rise. And the stars glow. Step outside the walls that confine you. Scare yourself. Challenge yourself. Find...

Nature as therapy


The great outdoors is an undeniable source of therapy.  There is something incredibly powerful about putting your day to day bullshit as a human being aside and immersing yourself somewhere in nature where we can be reminded that we are insignificant.  When you walk thru the woods and are surrounded by trees that have seen hundreds more years than you have and will go on to see hundreds more than...

Content worth sharing: Jedidiah Jenkins 7,000 mile bike ride


We all know how easy it is to get caught up in the mass of junk that consumes the internet these days.  I spend more time than I’d like to admit going down a YouTube rabbit hole.  But every now and then I come across a video or an article or a website that captivates me and truly enriches my life.  I recently came upon a video on YouTube that struck such a cord with me, I saved it to the toolbar...

Learning from the outdoors what it means to be content


Most of my adult life I’ve wondered what it means to be content.  As a young adult, I was always caught up in the future by thinking “I’ll be happy when…” “…when I land that job, when I lose 15 lbs., when I go on that trip”.  It was a vicious cycle that I couldn’t escape.  I chalked it up to being a kid and that I had a lot to accomplish before I could really be happy.  Meeting Mark and spending...


Hi, I'm Michele, a nomadic wedding photographer and lover of the great outdoors. I live on the road full-time and document my adventures daily. This is my personal blog where I share and record my thoughts on living simply and intentionally with less stress and more joy. Check out my wedding and portrait photography at


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