Discovering the root of my contentment

Photo of the day: Our evening stroll around camp.

Have you ever taken inventory of what’s most important to you?

At the top of my list would be spending time in nature and nurturing my mental health. (And for me, those things conveniently go hand in hand)

There are many reasons why I love living a nomadic lifestyle but the fact that it honors those things that are most important to me is what I love most about it. Every single time I step out my door in to nature, without having to get in my car first, I feel an immense amount of gratitude.

I know what matters most to me and I’ve built my life around putting those things first. There is harmony in my actions and my priorities. I believe, in that harmony is where contentment lives.

Some people wonder what’s next for us. Out of habit, sometimes I do too. We’ve made a number of big life changes the last few years as we searched for an escape from a chronic feeling of discontentment. It’s a new and unusual feeling to have discovered what we’ve been looking for.

I don’t know how long this contentedness will last but I intend to soak up every little bit of it while it does.

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By Michele


Hi, I'm Michele, a nomadic wedding photographer and lover of the great outdoors. I live on the road full-time and document my adventures daily. This is my personal blog where I share and record my thoughts on living simply and intentionally with less stress and more joy. Check out my wedding and portrait photography at


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