Every little thing is gonna be alright

I think worrying may be one of the most exhaustive thought processes we can engage in.  Life is an ongoing series of highs and lows.  A wave that sometimes we ride and sometimes we just survive.  The act of worrying being at the heart of what tries to pull us under.  Worrying has no end, nor does it create any kind of solution.




Where do our worries get us?  Nowhere.  So why worry at all?  Worrying has only ever led to one thing for me…STRESS.  And stress, just like worrying, accomplishes absolutely nothing.

So next time you find yourself swirling in pool of worry, stop for a moment and ask yourself what that’s achieving.  If you’re worried about something you can change or fix, get to work on the solution.  If you have no control, let it go.  Surrender to your concerns.  Know that in the end, it usually works out.  And if it doesn’t, you’ll find a way to move on.

Or, as Bob Marley said it best,

“Don’t worry about a thing.  Every little thing is gonna be alright.”

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By Michele


Hi, I'm Michele, a nomadic wedding photographer and lover of the great outdoors. I live on the road full-time and document my adventures daily. This is my personal blog where I share and record my thoughts on living simply and intentionally with less stress and more joy. Check out my wedding and portrait photography at http://www.oncwest.com


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