Exchanging time for money

Mark asked me tonight if I would be interested in buying a house down the street as an investment property to rent out.  Hell no was my knee jerk reaction.  Then we discussed it for a bit and still, I stood at a firm hell no.  Not because it’s not a great idea.  It is a great idea.  There is definitely an opportunity for income there.  But luckily I know how to look past the income and at the life that would come with it.  It’s not a life I want.  I don’t want the mortgage.  I don’t want the maintenance.  I don’t want the headache.  It’s so easy to just see dollar signs but money isn’t free.  It has to be earned.  And time has to be spent to earn it.  I want to spend my time in a way that stimulates and fulfills me.  Not in a way that makes me daydream about my next vacation.  If we exchange our time for a job or a life we hate, we’re giving up the time to find a job we enjoy or build a career we love and ultimately create a life that makes us proud. 


Make choices that support the life you want not just the bank account you think you need.  You’ll discover that you don’t need as much money as you thought to lead a life that is rich in joy and experience.

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By Michele


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