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Photo of the day: Diving in to a new book “Like Streams to the Ocean” by Jedidiah Jenkins

It’s been a minute since we’ve had a pleasant day worthy of being spent outside. Today I was able to bathe in the warmth of the sun while I got started on a new book. I’d not quite realized just how rejuvenating it would feel after several days spent inside our RV. Living in a 180 square feet doesn’t feel remotely small when you’re able to spend much of your time outdoors. It can start to feel limiting though, after several consecutive days of unpleasant weather. This is why following mild weather, for me, is a huge component to the overall enjoyment of living on the road.

We had intended on heading to Utah this week but the weather doesn’t seem quite ready for us. Instead we’re kicking off week 5 here in the Verde Valley region of Arizona. I can hear Colorado calling my name though and I’m starting to get excited for our return.

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