Hiding out in the California desert

After leaving Death Valley we decided to delay our Northbound trajectory due to the weather.  As we were lazily cruising down a deserted California highway, I noticed some interesting rock formations in the mountains to the West.  We pulled over, dug thru our maps and found a road to take us there.  The start of the road was easy then turned to sand.  We were hopeful we wouldn’t have to turn around in the sand and that the road would eventually lead to a campsite which we spotted first on Google Earth.  To our delight, it took us to a great site tucked up against the base of the rocks that I’d spotted from the highway.

For the first time since we can remember, we didn’t have any cell signal.  Most of the week we need to be connected for work but luckily it was Friday and a few days to disconnect sounded delightful.  We settled in and soaked up the short windows of good weather in between that infamous wind that we just couldn’t seem to get away from.  When it wasn’t windy the silence was blissful.  A break in the weather on our last day begged us to get out for a hike.  The boulders we were surrounded by could keep you exploring for days on end.  We scrambled up and over the rocks to the valley on the other side of our camp and soaked in the most pristine, untouched wilderness that we’d seen in months.  A trail that appeared to be mostly used by burros, led us back to camp.

It was tough to leave such a perfect spot but we were curious to see a weather forecast and for various reasons needed to get back to having cell signal.  It was a short but sweet 3 night stay in a wonderfully remote location.

It appeared as though at one point there were many more campsites but most of them were now fenced off.  I can only assume some careless users were the cause.  It’s so important that we respect our public lands in the hopes that future generations may enjoy them too.  

Where would the wind blow us next?  Check back in next Thursday for a new post to find out : )

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By Michele


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