Nature as therapy

The great outdoors is an undeniable source of therapy. 

There is something incredibly powerful about putting your day to day bullshit as a human being aside and immersing yourself somewhere in nature where we can be reminded that we are insignificant.  When you walk thru the woods and are surrounded by trees that have seen hundreds more years than you have and will go on to see hundreds more than you ever will, it puts life in perspective.  When you can silence the chitter chatter in your brain and admire the life span of the planet vs. the life span of us, your qualms, your complaints, your worries…they’ll all fade away.  You may think you need therapy, or a drink or a donut to cope with the heaping dose of stress you’ve just been dealt, when really, you need to just put your shoes on and step in to the wilderness.  It’s the best source of stress relief I’ve ever found.  And it’s free.

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By Michele


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