Our grand plans for the future

{Smoke from several fires across the state has settled in making for an eerie evening glow.}

What’s the plan? We’re asked this question a lot. It seems as though anyone that knows us would love to know where we’re headed next, how long we plan on living like this, when Mark will resume being a flight instructor, etc. The answer? There is no plan.

There was a plan. Back in January, the year was all laid out for us. 2020 was going to be a very full year. Then it all blew up in our faces and practically all of it got cancelled. We all got a harsh reminder that nothing is guaranteed.

So we decided to adapt and roll with the punches, taking what 2020 has given us and trying our best to make the most of it. With that decision has come the need to practice patience. There doesn’t always need to be a plan. Especially now when everything is so damn volatile. Hell, I’m still getting over all the plans that had to be cancelled so I’m not exactly ready to make new ones.

It has never felt more important to embrace the present and attempt to let go of speculation over the future. Right now we don’t need a plan. We simply need to keep our hearts and our minds open to all the possibilities. Our instincts will tell us when it’s time to make a move. Until then, we’re going to ride the wave that is 2020 and simply live one day, one week at a time.

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By Michele


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