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Hi, I’m Michele. I live on the road full-time and photograph mountain weddings for a living. This is my personal blog where I share my thoughts on living simply and intentionally with less stress and more joy. Want to follow along? Sign up below to receive new posts straight to your inbox.

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Taking inventory of your input


I’ve been lost in a haze of negativity lately.  That’s not something I accept lightly.  Whenever I feel like crap, I want to know why and what I can do to fix it.  I believe our moods are largely related to the food and information we consume and the company we keep.  I’ve been eating exceptionally well lately, there’s zero tension or negativity in my marriage or friendships.  That leaves me with...

My quest for meaning


Last year my husband and I sold our house and most of our possessions to live and travel in our RV.  Life and all it’s many questions and complications had begun weighing me down in the years leading up to that point.  I’d never so desperately felt the need for change while having no clue what that change was.  So we set off on the road in search of answers.  Do I need a new town, a new career, a...

When nothing make sense


Fact:  Sometimes life is really fucking hard.  My life, from the outside looking in, looks pretty damn good.  I’m healthy, have a beautiful home, an incredible husband.  But if you were to crawl inside my head you’d find a cesspool of negative thoughts.  It’s not a pretty place to be right now and it feels like there is no escape. I live in a new state, 900 miles from the life I knew, I hardly...

Standing by your lifestyle choices when no one else will


I’m often the odd-man-out in social situations.  I don’t drink, though most of my friends and family do and I do my best to eat little to no sugar, though I fight the urge every single day.  These two objectives have nothing to do with anyone else and everything to do with the negative impact they have on my life.  But it seems as though someone always has something to say about my choices...

The power of a smile


Relocating from one state to another is a great way to experience other lifestyles.  Moving from rural Colorado to rural Idaho doesn’t seem like it would be much of a change but mountain culture vs. farming culture is vastly different.  One of my favorite ways to get to know an area is via my daily run.  The plants, the animals, the way yards are decorated, the signs (welcoming or warning), the...

Do your actions align with your aspirations?


It’s 10:16pm.  I’ve had a full day.  I’m tired and am more than ready to call it a day.  But the day quickly filled with work and house projects and I never got around to my writing.  And I really want to give this whole writing everyday goal a solid shot.  Not just when I feel like it or when it’s convenient or when it comes easily but every single day no matter what.  We’re so conditioned to...

Our first week in Idaho


It’s the end of our first full week living in Idaho.  This week has been about catching up on work, settling in to our new normal and becoming acquainted with the uncertainties that accompany a complete life/career change.  I’ve had a defeatist attitude this week.  My inner dialogue has been anything but empowering.  All week I’ve questioned my abilities as a business owner.  Am I capable of and...

Choosing joy over conformity


We just completed the final walk thru of our new (to us) house.  In two days it will officially be ours.  Our sanctuary, our burden.  I walked around inspecting every nook and cranny feeling more and more overwhelmed by the minute.  Hadn’t I just sold a house and downsized to a 100 square foot RV because I was sick of the responsibility of homeownership?  It’s actually been a year since then but...

Why are we so caught up in the big things when the little things bring us so much joy?


Do me a favor, would you?  Off the top of your head, write down five things that make you smile.  Five things that make you light up at just the thought of them.  Seriously, take a minute and think about it.  I’ll be right here. Okay…now I’ll go.  The first five things that come to mind that make me wildly happy are… 1.  My husband’s incredible sense of humor. 2.  My dog wagging her tail...

Why we should take inventory of what makes us happy


Do you ever have days where you’re feeling especially energetic, excited and optimistic about life?  Maybe more so than your average day.  Then the next day, for whatever reason, the enthusiasm has disappeared.  It’s so far gone, you’re not even sure what it was you were so excited about in the first place.  This is how my mood often works.  It’s like a wave that I sometimes surf like a pro but...


Hi, I'm Michele, a nomadic wedding photographer and lover of the great outdoors. I live on the road full-time and document my adventures daily. This is my personal blog where I share and record my thoughts on living simply and intentionally with less stress and more joy. Check out my wedding and portrait photography at


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