Time to get back in shape

Photo of the day: Sunset reflections

I’ve been too sedentary lately. I have no excuses other than the weather has been less than ideal. For having experienced my fair share of adverse weather while living in the Colorado Rockies, it’s embarrassing to admit how little it takes for me to hole up inside our RV. Wind? No thanks. Rain? Blah. Wind AND rain, nope. Below 60? Burr. Ugh, I hate that that’s true.

Today was gorgeous so I made the most of it. I started with a two mile walk this morning that ended with a short jog. It’s been too long since I got my heart rate up. Twenty minutes of yoga followed in an attempt to solidify a new morning routine. After breakfast a bike ride sounded nice so Mark & I peddled 5 miles through the rocky terrain around camp. I haven’t been on my bike in months and it felt damn good to get back in the saddle. Before I knew it, it was 3:00 and I had a yoga date with Claire. An hour of Yin. I haven’t done an hour long yoga session in nearly two years. It was hard but good. And also made me feel like I’m 80.

My brain almost immediately felt the calming effects of all the movement. Which is good, cause I have a feeling tomorrow is going to hurt.

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