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Photo of the day: Heading home from grocery shopping.

We’ve really settled in to a rhythm of maxing out the 14 day limit at each place we camp. Years ago we could hardly sit still in one spot for more than 3 or 4 days and now 14 days flies by. The last two stays feel like they’ve gone by especially fast. I’ve also slipped back in to my bad habit of worrying about where we’re headed next far before any decisions need to be made.

I realized yesterday that my habit of worrying is directly correlated to why I feel like time is flying by. Instead of simply enjoying those 14 days, I’ve given much of my time away to unnecessary concern over the future. I’d hate to see how much time I’ve spent checking weather forecasts, looking up routes and surfing apps for possible campsite options. We have a general idea of where we’re headed and so getting caught up in the minutia has been nothing but time spent not enjoying the campsite I’m at right now.

Of course some decisions need to be made at some point but we always end up hashing it out together a couple of days before it’s time to hit the road. And we figure it out in a matter of minutes.

My mind tends to default to either worry or guilt at any given time. These emotions are not only useless but wasteful. They consume time, our most valuable resource, and give us nothing in return. I’ve never really viewed my thoughts as a source of wasted time but I’m seeing how they’ve hindered my enjoyment of this beautiful spot that we’ve called home for the last two weeks. Tomorrow we’ll move, which is always a wonderful opportunity to reset, and I’ll aim to feed my senses with the delight of our surroundings rather than dwell on unnecessary thoughts.

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  • Hi
    Sorry you spend time on stuff that you have choices on. But like they say taking charge of your life is identifying that what you wish to explore !
    Good to hear how y’all have found staying put changes so much right.
    Finally retired and live in Emmett with my wife now.
    Have more things to do than I did when I was employed.

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    If you haven’t already.

    Take care y’all Russ

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