Trading city amenities for solitude and stars in Safford, AZ

Safford wasn’t our next destination but it was an easy overnight stop to break up our drive.  The silence, wide open space and lack of neighbors was a welcome change from our week in Phoenix.  It was such a welcome change that we weren’t in a hurry to get back on the road the next day so we decided to enjoy it and stay one more night.

Nothing but expansive views as far as the eye can see.  Just the way we like it.

FINALLY…a cactus-free zone where dogs can be dogs!

These little shrubs were all around and sounded quite like a rattlesnake when the wind blew.

Have I told you about the LED rope light Mark installed in the Casita?  It’s vastly more energy efficient than the factory-installed lighting and such a more pleasant source of light.

When you find this kind of peace, you try not to take it for granted.  It’s precisely what we love about this kind of travel.

I may have grown up on the Western edge of Arizona but know nothing about it’s Eastern counterpart.  It’s more mountainous than I’d expected and quite beautiful.  We couldn’t have picked a better region to explore this time of year.  From here we packed up, continued South and the scenery only got better.  Stay tuned for next Thursday’s camp journal, which recaps our stay at one of our new all-time favorite boondocking spots!

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By Michele


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