We have 35 acres to share…if you’re willing to rough it

{Photo of the day: Our friend’s Class A motorhome tucked nicely in to a spot on our property.}

We’ve been back on our property for three days and our first guests have already arrived. This is what happens when you own property in a more temperate area of Colorado, your friends at higher elevations jump on the chance to get out of the snow. Because, as Mark & I know all too well, Spring in the Rockies is really just Winter 2.0.

I’m a little nervous about having guests since all we have to offer is a place to park. Visiting us on our property is no different than visiting us at a campsite in the national forest, you’re going to need to bring everything you need with you. And if you don’t have you’re own toilet, you better bring a shovel : )

But for the people that know what they’re getting in to and are willing to rough it, I can’t wait to share this magical place with them. It’s a remarkable piece of land and it feels so much more so when it’s being shared.

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By Michele


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