When our thoughts try to alter our reality

Our brains are so powerful that if we sit and dwell on something long enough, we believe that thing that we’re dwelling on is our reality.  When our actual reality may be far different.

Last night Mark & I sat around a campfire, one of our favorite things to do.  Yet neither of us were enjoying it, it wasn’t providing us the peace that it usually does.  Both of our brains were consumed with discouraging knowledge we’d learned earlier that day.  Knowledge that left us feeling distraught and uncertain about our future.  But nothing had actually happened.  We got just enough information to let our brains run wild.  And so they were.

In my brain, my life was spiraling out of control.  In reality, I was standing around a fire on a calm 60 degree night, living a life of comfort, currently needing for nothing.  Our brains have the power to create that kind of discrepancy.  To fool us in to feeling the weight of a reality that doesn’t even exist.


So how do we quiet the mind?

Thru action.  By doing something either physically or mentally productive.

We can’t think hypothetically when our brains need to be focused on the action in front of us.

Go for a run or a hike, not an easy run or hike but something challenging.  Your body will demand your full attention, your lungs will demand maximum oxygen.  Your brain, well that poor bastard will be left with nothing to do but come along for the ride.

Learning or creating something can have the same affect.  When you have to focus on the task at hand, your brain does not have the power it needs to run amuck.

Sit and stir on your concerns and you’re only adding fuel to the fire.  You’ve given your brain the ok to run off out of your control.  Engage in some kind of positive, productive action and you’re smothering that flame.  You’re keeping your thoughts in check with your reality.  You’re taking back control.  Because while our brains would like to think they are all that matters, they must share space with a body and soul.  And when all three are in harmony are when we find ultimate contentment.

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By Michele


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