Where your focus goes, energy flows

{Photo of the day: signs of spring around our property}

The title of this post is a lyric I heard today. It’s a perfectly succinct combination of words that made me think YESSS, that is SO true.

This week I’m diving in to some work projects that I’ve put off for far too long. Monday I was grumpy about it, which is usually what happens when I transition out of the slow season and in to working more regularly. The change of routine is always met with some discomfort. Two days later and I’m noticing a steady ramp up of energy and creativity. Now that I’ve switched that side of my brain back on, the ideas are flowing and I can hardly keep up with them.

Our thoughts are the seeds of our actions. And our mood is the end result. When I’m not nourishing my mind and body I end up filled with negative energy. It starts with negative thoughts, a complete lack of motivation follows which leads to a steady decline in my mood. Conversely, when I’m focused on creating something, whether it’s starting a new healthy habit or growing my business, my motivation soars. With every step towards bringing a new idea to life, I gain more and more momentum. I feel empowered and capable.

“Where your focus goes, energy flows”.

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By Michele


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