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Standing by your lifestyle choices when no one else will


I’m often the odd-man-out in social situations.  I don’t drink, though most of my friends and family do and I do my best to eat little to no sugar, though I fight the urge every single day.  These two objectives have nothing to do with anyone else and everything to do with the negative impact they have on my life.  But it seems as though someone always has something to say about my choices...

The power of movement


The dialogue in my head lately is exhausting.  It’s a constant, never-ending string of worry and self-doubt.  A lot of questions but no answers.  My ability to focus is nowhere to be found and my confidence has gone with it.  These are the days that feel impossible to accomplish anything.  At the end of the day no matter what I have or haven’t done, the voices in my head are telling me I’m...

Do you want instant gratification or eternal gratification?


My runs are often times a battle of mind vs. body.  As I chugged slowly up the road today my mind was cutting me down.  “This is too hard”, “you’re not in good enough shape”, “just make it to the next telephone pole then stop”.  Then it occurred to me that my mind was trying to control my body’s activity and so I made the decision to shut it up.  I could take...


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