Let’s talk about regret

I had a conversation with my dad recently that reminded me of an important principle in which I live by…

Everything we do in life is a choice that we make. 

I told him that since selling our house and beginning our life on the road, we hadn’t once wished we were back in that house.  And he said “I’ve never known you to have regrets” and I replied “that is a choice that I make, to live that way”.

To live with regret is a choice. 

It’s a way of living in the past and wishing we can change something that cannot be changed.  There is no more unproductive way to spend your time. 

We may not be able to choose what happens to us but we always have the power to decide how we react. 

Even doing nothing is a choice.  The moment we feel regret, like we wish we’d done something differently, is the opportunity to correct course or learn from our mistake in order to do it differently next time.  It’s all a matter of perspective.  Look back, focus on where you went wrong and you’re choosing to live in sorrow and disappointment.  Look forward, to what can be done differently and you’re choosing to empower yourself and embrace the challenge to find a new opportunity.

Choose to not live in regret.  Living in the past is a slippery slope.  Choose to live for today and let every decision you make be an opportunity to live a better, happier life.

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By Michele


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